Summer in Arkansas can offer some of the most enjoyable and beautiful experiences in one’s lifetime, despite the heat and occasional encounter with the insect world, there is a restorative energy to the hottest season of the year when spent in The Natural State. The Ouachita National Forest is at its lushest, the swimming holes are at the perfect temperature and the denizens are in their most active state.

In this issue, we explore some of the typical summertime standards like barbecued ribs and home-made popsicles, but we will also delve into the unknown, specifically the remnants of an ancient volcano that spit out diamonds and the remnants of a ghost mill town that spit

out lumber, and unfortunately, all of its residents. If you thought rock-n-roll was dead, deFrance shows you that it’s not. We also take a glimpse at some amazing architecture and two architects from different eras whose work is prevalent in, and just as stunning as, our beautiful home.

The lakes are brimming with activity and a local kayaking expert shows us how and where to get the best experience and we somehow ran across some corned beef hash that still lingers in our dreams. All this and much more is waiting inside. So kick back with something cold and enjoy our little corner of the world when it’s most alive. Thanks for reading, and as always, enjoy.